Founded in 2003 by a knowledgeable team with decades of paper experience, Paper Solutions Inc. delivers fine paper with exceptional quality at a lower cost.

About Us

The extreme price competition, overcapacity, strong Canadian dollar and slow global recovery are posing a real challenge for the printing industry. There is need for companies to become leaner and crisper by controlling costs effectively. Paper is one of the significant costs of a printing job - the general assumption is that the paper is 25% of the value of the job.

But quality is the key to the success of the operations, as the printer does not want production problems or additional spoilage due to non-consistent paper. Whether it is whiteness or uniformity of the sheet, Paper Solutions Inc. uses stringent international testing methods and numerous trial runs to source paper with exceptional quality.

Using strong negotiation skills and bulk buying combined with operating efficiencies help us to pass on savings to customers at a lower cost than the industry average.

But we do not stop here. We continuously optimize each process in the supply chain to ensure on-time delivery to printer operating in JIT environment.

The print buyer is getting savvier and savvier than ever. But constant competition also presents a myriad of opportunities. All that it requires is early vision and change. Change is essential!

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